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Mediterranean Mirage: New Bulgari Collection

Bulgari’s Mediterranea collection takes off on a glittering voyage through one of the world’s most remarkable regions

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A journey across the Mediterranean Sea awaits in the new Mediterranea collection, a mesmerizing new Bulgari jewellery collection that explores this infinitely inspiring region.

For the collection’s unveiling, Bulgari has replaced its traditional setting of Rome with the enchanting canals and bridges of Venice—the guardian of Byzantine culture in the Western world.

The city’s intersecting influences inspired Bulgari’s vision for the collection, embodying the eclecticism and fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, Byzantine and Roman aesthetics, and the vibrant aesthetics of North Africa and Southern Italian Baroque.

The collection also celebrates the vision of founder Sotirio Bulgari, who ventured across the Mediterranean before settling in Rome. Divided into three distinct universes, Mediterranea brings forth constellations of symbols, atmospheres, and inspirations that capture the essence of the region.

Mediterranean Muse necklace, an outstanding piece from the new Bulgari jewellery collection. 

Southern Radiance

The flamboyant lines and vivid hues of the Southern Radiance line evoke the enchanting architecture and shimmering coastlines of Southern Italy. Paying tribute to the brilliant depths of the Mediterranean Sea, the Mediterranean Muse necklace showcases a 15.13-carat cushion sapphire at its platinum core, surrounded by aquamarines and diamonds reminiscent of sea waves. A timepiece-turned-aquatic wonder, the Divas’ Dream Aquarium watch displays a precious ecosystem of fish, corals, and shells in Paraiba tourmalines, sapphires, and diamonds, all under a clear cabochon dome that recreates a miniature aquarium.

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This story is from Magnifissance Issue 121

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