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Lauren Adriana to Present Her Exclusive Jewelry Collection at Salon Art + Design Exhibit

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Jewelry artist Lauren Adriana has been fascinated by crystals and gemstones from a young age.


Learning about jewelry from books and museums, she later completed her Jewelry Design degree at London’s Central Saint Martins art college, opening an exclusive jewelry atelier with her husband in 2012.



Adriana’s aesthetic takes a bold graphic approach, highlighting the stones and often using an optical effect to create a three-dimensional impression as the wearer moves.

She calls herself a “traditionalist,” however, because she’s drawn to classic precious metals and stones.

“The talismanic quality of these materials and their pedigree makes them so wonderful to work with and explore,” she says in an interview with Magnifissance.

Adriana spends months sourcing unheated, natural sapphires, rubies, and spinels of the most vibrant colors.



High-level craftsmanship is also of essential importance. Adriana’s exclusive jewelry pieces are made in Geneva, Switzerland, where artisans spend hundreds of hours working on a single piece.

“I select every stone myself and create a drawing that plots the placement of each small gemstone within a jewel. This [process] is unbelievably time-consuming, but it allows me total control over the colors used, similar to how a painter would mix paint,” Adriana says.


Fall 2022 brings a new milestone for the artist, with the opportunity to display her limited-edition collection at the prestigious Salon Art + Design exhibition, taking place at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City from November 10-14, 2022.


Adriana is presenting an exclusive jewelry collection of diamond-like carbon pieces featuring an ultra-black, high-shine nanocoating of black diamond, a process that originated in the watch industry.

“It’s a process that I’ve been working with for six years now. I was the first fine jeweler to incorporate it,” Adriana says. “It’s hard wearing and looks incredible when used alongside traditional diamonds.”


In addition to exhibiting at Salon Art + Design, next year will also see the launch of a special limited edition collection by the designer, who will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of her namesake brand.

“This is something I’ve never done before as normally all my work is one-off, and I’m excited to share what I’ve been working on with people,” Adriana says.

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