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Louis Vuitton’s Anniversary-Edition Tambour Watch Marks Twentieth Anniversary

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In 2002, Louis Vuitton made watchmaking history. This was the year when, from the vaults of La Fabrique du Temps Louis—the Maison’s horlogerie headquarters—there emerged the innovative Louis Vuitton Tambour watch. 


With its bold shape and various technological innovations, the Tambour, taking its name from the French word for “drum,” celebrates Louis Vuitton’s spirit of adventure and the Art of Travel embedded in the brand’s DNA. 

Now, twenty years after its inception, the Louis Vuitton Tambour Watch has been released in a new exclusive model—the Tambour Twenty—in celebration of the watch’s two-decade anniversary. 


Available in a limited edition of 200 pieces, the Tambour Twenty is a culmination of the watch’s evolution. 

The model follows the codes that defined the original Tambour and its successors—from the rotating cube display of Tambour Spin Time, released in 2009, to the prize-winning Tambour Carpe Diem of 2021. 

“As well as celebrating our anniversary, this watch also paves the way for many future decades of fine watchmaking, staying true to Louis Vuitton’s values of creativity, craftsmanship and excellence,” said Louis Vuitton’s marketing and development director, Jean Arnault. 


The Tambour Twenty starts with the same recognizable round case as the 2002 model—sculpted from a solid block of metal—in a nod to its namesake musical instrument. 

Also in line with the original design are the twelve letters spelling out “Louis Vuitton” across the numbers and indexes on the 41.5 mm case. 


The Tambour Twenty watch is powered by the LV277 high-frequency movement. Based on the iconic Zenith El Primero, the world’s first automatic chronograph, the watch shows precision to the tenth of a second, featuring a 22-karat gold rotor and 50-hour power reserve. 

It’s also water-resistant to 100 meters. 


In reference to Vuitton’s trunkmaking heritage, a brown sun-brushed dial and yellow chronograph hand glides evoke the thread historically used in luggage leatherwork. 

Two sub-dials and the Tambour’s signature “horns” add the final sophisticated details. 

The Tambour Twenty is available together with another of the brand’s mainstays—the miniature Louis Vuitton trunk. 

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