Léa Seydoux in Louis Vuitton


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Léa Seydoux in Louis Vuitton

Get an up-close look at the process behind Louis Vuitton’s red-carpet gowns with green purpose

Louis Vuitton’s glam gowns make a standing appearance at red-carpet Hollywood events, with the designer’s bespoke creations regularly donned by the A-list crowd—and this year was no exception.

In addition to their classic focus on style, the team at Louis Vuitton this year also kept an eye on sustainability by working with the Red Carpet Green Dress campaign to ensure that strict ethical and environmental standards were met throughout the production of every aspect of the gowns.

For instance, the dress for James Bond star Léa Seydoux featured a newly launched organic silk faille made from TENCEL™ Luxe Lyocell filament yarn, an innovative and sustainable fabric. Without losing an ounce of classic styling, the Vuitton team was able to incorporate this new material and give new meaning to their work.

“I think you can tell stories with what you wear, and in addition to being beautiful, my dress tonight contains a message,” says Seydoux about the environmental care that went into her appearance.

The snug body of the bustier gown accentuated the actress’s elegant form, while the trumpeted skirt trimmed in black at the bottom made it seem as if she were gliding through the crowd—a vision in luminous white.

Léa Seydoux in Louis Vuitton

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