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perfume bottle (vintage)

22 Exquisite Perfume Bottles for Vintage Glamour

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From Cleopatra to Marie-Antoinette, some of antiquity’s most famous beauties were known for their affinity for perfume. The ancient Egyptians were some of the first to master the art of perfume-making. They created carved terra cotta jars to hold precious oils and ointments—the world’s first predecessors to perfume bottles. 

Over the years, the art of the perfume vessel continued to evolve with glass and metal containers, flourishing around the 18th century when jewelers and glassmakers began to outdo each other in decorating bottles with ornate precious gems. Smaller portable perfume bottles became commonplace for ladies to carry in their purses. 

In the 20th century, perfume bottles are still an art form that continues to this day. From vintage to modern, in crystal, handmade glass, and more, we’ve carefully selected 25 beautiful perfume bottles that can become the showpiece of your dressing table today.

perfume bottles adorned with cast bronze roses

Bottle adorned with cast bronze roses

Step into a fantasy rose garden with these hand-engraved perfume bottles: 24kt gold-plated cast bronze roses climb upon a chiseled crystal trestle.

Feminine mauve-toned bottle with real gold

An ornate lace-like motif with mauve accents and real gold detailing lends vintage feminine charm to these engraved perfume bottles, which include a porcelain stopper and crystal sniffing wand.

Sculpted crystal bottle with floral motif

Originally designed in glass by René Lalique in 1935, these pretty perfume bottles featuring a sculptural flower shape now comes in clear and satin-finished crystal options and is handmade in France.
Colorful “Pâte de Verre perfume bottle

Colorful “Pâte de Verre” bottle

Each of these one-of-a-kind crystal perfume bottles is handcrafted by a single artisan using the ancient technique of “Pâte de Verre”—fragments of coloured crystal melted inside a mold to produce splashes of brilliant color.

Elegant footed bottle

Ornate diamond and wedge cuts in the classic Lismore pattern glimmer in this Waterford crystal perfume bottle, set on an elegant footed base and topped with a faceted stopper.
Arabia-inspired pyramid perfume bottles

Arabia-inspired pyramid bottle

The allure of Arabian nights beckons in these pyramid-shaped crystal perfume bottles, with a woven texture inspired by the traditional Middle Eastern ‘medkheneh’ incense diffusers made of palm leaves.
Victorian style bell-shaped perfume bottle

Victorian style bell-shaped bottle

A fluted bell shape gives a unique look to this refined hand-cut crystal bottle from William Yeoward’s Victoria collection, which evokes the styles of 18th and 19th century England and Ireland.
Perfume Bottle with cistus flower stopper

Bottle with cistus flower stopper

The rare Mediterranean cistus flower, which blooms for only one day, inspires this perfume bottle’s incandescent stopper shaped with vividly-coloured, curved crystal petals.

Artful Venetian Murrina glass bottle

Bring home the magic of Venice with this miniature bottle handcrafted using the Venetian Murrina glass technique in soft greens, and finished with 24kt gold leaf and a flame-shaped topper.

Geometric bottle in Danish Art Deco style

A contemporary aesthetic meets retro boudoir with Art Deco flair in these geometric hand-cut bottles from the renowned Danish brand.
Ladylike flacon with golden atomiser

Ladylike flacon with golden atomiser

Few beauty rituals invoke a sense of ultimate femininity like a spritz of scent from a beautiful atomiser bottle. This elegant crystal bottle with a pretty gold atomiser comes gift-ready in a gold box.

Wand-shaped bottle in cameo glass

Resembling a magic wand, the intricately etched cameo glass of this rare perfume bottle is entirely handcrafted by Thomas Webb & Sons, one of England’s most prominent glassmakers.
Captivating Murano glass perfume bottle

Captivating Murano glass bottle

Layers of coloured Murano glass evoke a flowing ripple effect in this oversize perfume bottle topped with a droplet-shaped stopper, sure to become a decor statement piece.
Round perfume bottle with gilded band

Round bottle with gilded band

A rounded crystal stopper and gilded pattern add character to this petite rounded bottle, mouth-blown and hand-cut in Saint-Louis-lès-Bitche in Moselle.
Hand-cut satin Czech crystal perfume bottle

Hand-cut satin Czech crystal bottle

With a satiny opaque texture and solid weight, this hand-cut Czech Bohemian crystal perfume bottle has a satisfying hand feel and vintage Art Deco look.
Double-ended amethyst glass and silver vial

Double-ended amethyst glass and silver vial

Take your favourite scent on the go with this portable vintage bottle in amethyst glass and solid silver. A compact leather case makes it ideal for keeping in a purse or car.
Perfume Bottle engraved with mystical forest scene

Bottle engraved with mystical forest scene

Doubling as an art piece, this mystical blue flacon is hot-molded at 1200 degrees Celsius, then hand-engraved with a dreamy moonlit woods scene.
Antique 19th century ring-style perfume bottle

Antique 19th century ring-style bottle

This stunning miniature perfume bottle is a late 19th century antique: exquisitely crafted in 14kt engraved gold, and set on a chain and ring that can be slipped on your finger in a one-of-a-kind take on scent jewelry.
Refillable silver vial with tassel cap - perfume bottles

Refillable silver vial with tassel cap

Perfectly sized to fit into an evening clutch, this small refillable vial doesn’t skimp on elegance, crafted in scrolled silver and topped with a brass cap and emerald-hued tassel.
Simple enamel glass Art Deco bottle

Simple enamel glass Art Deco bottle

A minimalistic profile and understated Art Deco vibe define this antique atomizer bottle from the 1920s, showing a blue enamel glass siphon with original nickel hardware for a delightful collector’s find.
Stylish perfume chain necklace

Stylish perfume chain necklace

Tired of digging through your purse for that scent refresh? This refillable Gucci necklace turns your fragrance into a wearable fashion statement, with a leather logo-print atomizer on a chic chain.
Show-stopping vintage gold and diamond bottle

Show-stopping vintage gold and diamond bottle

Capture the unparalleled mastery and beauty of vintage Van Cleef Arpels with this exceptional showpiece perfume bottle circa 1950. It is exquisitely crafted from 18kt gold and embellished with a floral design accented with platinum set diamonds.


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