Uncover Ancient Japanese Beauty Rituals in EDOBIO


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Uncover Ancient Japanese Beauty Rituals in EDOBIO

Ancient wisdom meets visionary biotechnology

Cutting-edge Japanese biotechnology meets antique beauty in EDOBIO—a facial soap that takes cue from the peachy-skinned beauties depicted in ukiyo-e, Japan’s traditional block print art. The secret to their famously radiant, satin-soft complexions lay in the simple skincare rituals that originated in the Edo period of 1603–1868. EDOBIO’s team of researchers have built on this time-honed wisdom, creating a series of facial soaps that optimize the skin’s own renewal cycle.

Packaged in dainty boxes printed with ukiyo-e inspired designs, the soaps start with a base of BiProGE®︎: a proprietary blend of lactic acid bacteria and yeast composed of thousands of microorganisms. The patented blend has been shown to activate immune properties, and it works to regulate the skin through the calculated action of select microorganisms.

Plant-based essential oils and extracts, derived from native Japanese botanicals, are added to enrich the soaps with their unique properties: sakura flower essence refreshes and moisturizes; oil pressed from the green tea seed, grown from the Camellia oleifera plant, nourishes the skin through its concentrated Vitamin E and amino acid content; and extract from Japanese green tea leaves contains catechins that condition and tone. Preservatives, synthetic colours, and fragrances are kept out of the mild alkaline formula. Clouds of marshmallow-like lather are worked up easily with a foaming net to gently cleanse and remove buildup.

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