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Guerlain’s Limited-Edition Muguet Spring Jewel

A glittering blossom adorns this year’s Guerlain Muguet bottle

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The dainty lily-of-the-valley is eponymous with the coming of spring. The House of Guerlain has celebrated this lovely flower and its delicate yet heady scent for over 110 years with its iconic fragrance, Muguet. First created by Jacques Guerlain in 1908, Muguet’s composition was taken over by perfumer Thierry Wasser in 2016.


The iconic beehive-shaped Muguet Bee Bottle made by Pochet du Courval, Guerlain’s historical glassmaker, has been reinvented each spring with an exquisitely crafted embellishment. For 2022, the task was assigned to Parisian jeweller Francesco Truscelli, who was granted carte blanche to create the bottle’s adornment.


Truscelli’s inspiration began with the blossom, resulting in a lily-of-the-valley set with glittering crystal bells and enamelled leaves. To craft the intricate two-part piece, the jeweller used lost-wax casting, an ancient technique for fashioning precious metals.


The process involves over a dozen steps. First, a wax model of the sprig is made in order to produce a plaster mold. Then it’s cast again in molten brass and polished. The resulting shape is hand-set with 130 crystals using extreme precision, and it’s finished with a rhodium bath to plate the brass. The leaves undergo cold-enamelling twice to create a three-dimensional effect.

The finished bottle is hot-stamped with a stylized silver label, which is then clad in a coffret embossed with Guerlain’s bee motif. The 2022 Muguet edition is limited to 5,000 numbered pieces.

This story is from Magnifissance Issue 112

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