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16 Rare and Exotic Oud Fragrances

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Dark, alluring, and mysterious, oud perfume has been prized for its aromatic and medicinal properties since ancient times.

Derived from the bark of the tropical Agar tree, this rare fragrance carries spiritual significance in Asian cultures with people believing its smoke aids contemplation. Over the last decades, oud’s mystical allure has also caught on in the West, becoming popular for its complex, hypnotic fragrance.

Today, oud is the base for some of the world’s most exclusive perfumes. Its hefty price tag—higher per pound than gold—is due to its rarity in the wild as oud is only found in a small percentage of Agar trees. The result is that its perfume is an extremely precious commodity.

The oud scent uncovers a complex interplay of spicy and woodsy notes with a velvet warmth and an earthy finish. It has an instantly recognizable element yet blooms differently on every person, interacting with individual skin chemistry.

Unveil the mystique of this ancient treasure for yourself with one of these 15 extraordinary oud scents, carefully selected by our editors for their exceptional quality and precious ingredients.

I Woody Floral - ​​Clive Christian

I Woody Floral – ​​Clive Christian

Clive Christian came on the scene in 1999 after taking over The Crown Perfumery, one of the oldest British perfume houses, which was made famous 135 years ago by Queen Victoria.
Reviving the brand’s original vision, Clive Christian continued to create pure perfume formulas using precious natural ingredients derived from the corners of the former British Empire.
Its I Woody Floral blends subtle oud notes in the woody base with cedarwood, amber and patchouli, opening with fresh mandarin and bergamot, and lifting up with touches of red fruits and effervescent spices.
Vespri Orientale - Nobile 1942

Vespri Orientale – Nobile 1942

The Nobile story began in 1942 when Umberto Nobile started a luxury fragrance business in Rome. His first creation was a fragrance for men but the company later expanded to produce perfumes for both men and women.
Today, East meets West in the modern Oriental fragrance of Vespri Orientale, where citrus top notes blend with heady heart notes of jasmine and oud.
Blessing Silence - THOO

Blessing Silence – The House of Oud

The House of Oud evolved from the friendship of an Italian master perfumer and an oud manufacturer from Jakarta, Indonesia.
Transforming based on whoever wears it, Blessing Silence captures the mystery and magic of the desert night and the journey towards new horizons. Hints of labdanum, patchouli, and sandalwood are softened by delicate rose and finished with precious Indian oud, inspiring a meditative state.
A Rose For … - Floris

A Rose For … – Floris

Floris, the oldest English fragrance retailer, has maintained records of its archived scent formulas through nine generations, dating back to the very first perfume created by Juan Famenias Florias nearly 300 years ago. A Rose For … fragrance brings forth a striking take on the red rose.
The eau de parfum is enveloped in notes of incense, orris and oud, with a warm base of patchouli, amber, and sandalwood. Each bottle comes with a gold pen, enabling its owners to personalize the scent with their names.
Oud Saffran - Lesquendieu

Oud Saffran – Lesquendieu

Lesquendieu was originally formed in 1903 in Paris with a focus on creative scents derived from the highest quality ingredients. The brand was revived in 2015 by Jérôme Lesquendieu, one of the founder’s grandsons.
The Oud Saffran fragrance explores the mysteries of the Orient, highlighting oud’s depth with warm, bewitching notes of amber, musk and leather and spiced with exotic saffron and nutmeg.
Carbon Sapphire - Boadicea the Victorious

Carbon Sapphire – Boadicea the Victorious

Independent brand Boadicea the Victorious was established in 2008, creating fragrances of quintessentially British heritage, with each bottle handcrafted by some of Britain’s finest artisans.
Its Carbon Sapphire is based on oud from the forests of Southeast Asia, one of the most sought-after in the world, and is blended with precious ingredients such as the velvety Rose de Mai, Egyptian jasmine, and saffron.
Oud Extravagant - MPG Perfume

Oud Extravagant – MPG Perfume

Anchored in the tradition of French perfumery, Maison Maître Parfumeur et Gantier was created in 1988 by perfumer Jean-François Laporte. Today, the company continues its artisanal approach with the finest raw ingredients, drawing inspiration from opera and Baroque aesthetics.
The Oud Extravagant fragrance channels the opulence of ancient Arabia—the essence of oud from Laos meets amber and floral notes in a lush, hypnotic composition.
Oud Laqué - Les Bains Guerbois

Oud Laqué – Les Bains Guerbois

Les Bains Guerbois was founded in 1885 by François Auguste Guerbois as a Parisian spa, later becoming a nightclub and a boutique hotel. In 2016, Jean-Pierre Marois reinvented the company by launching a signature cologne and later perfume collections in collaboration with notable perfumers.
The Oud Laqué presents an interplay of precious woods—a sultry blend of oud with cardamom, dried fruits, and leather, flanked by geranium, clove and benzoin.
Rivière - Thameen

Rivière – Thameen

Thameen’s founder discovered his love of fragrance as a young boy when he visited international perfume markets with his father. These early memories led him to create the Thameen collection, which merged exotic Eastern opulence with Western refinement.
The Rivière scent takes its name from a precious gemstone necklace, shimmering with top notes of Indian black pepper and Persian saffron melding into a golden amber and oud base via a lush heart of Russian clary sage and Turkish rose.
Oud Cardamome - La Closerie Des Parfums

Oud Cardamome – La Closerie Des Parfums

The owners of La Closerie des Parfums have been passionate about perfume for fifty years since the brand was founded in 1972 by brothers Antoine and Hervé. Today, the brand seeks to combine Parisian sophistication with global influences.
The Oud Cardamome is an intense play of these contrasts—with ancestral cardamom and mugwort from Morocco developing into a blend of sensual oud, smoky balms, and Bulgarian tobacco.
Oud & Spice - Acqua di Parma

Oud & Spice – Acqua di Parma

Acqua di Parma was launched in 1916 by Carlo Magnani, preserving Italy’s unique heritage and artisanal traditions, with the company’s products continuing to be made exclusively in Italy.
An artistic union of two olfactory sensations, Oud & Spice envelops oud’s opulent scent in the spicy warmth of cinnamon and clove, brightened by effervescent citrus notes.
Alexandria III - Xerjoff

Alexandria III – Xerjoff

Italian perfume house Xerjoff turns luxury fragrance into an art form. Created by master perfumers from Grasse with exclusive raw ingredients, the fragrances are poured into bottles made of quartz, Murano glass, and precious materials.
A tribute to traditional Arab oud perfumery, the Alexandria III presents a mesmerizing journey across the Orient. The rarest Laotian oud meets the heady Bulgarian rose in a blend of cinnamon, rosewood, and lavender for an intoxicating mix.
Royal Princess Oud - Creed

Royal Princess Oud – Creed

One of the world’s oldest fragrance houses, the House of Creed has been creating scents for royalty for over 250 years. The brand was founded in 1760 in England, providing the king’s court with clothing, scented leather gloves, and fragrances.
The Royal Princess Oud takes inspiration from London’s couturiers during the early 20th century. The eau de parfum features the signature oud note in a sophisticated fragrance that’s equal parts modern and historic.
Rausch - J.F. Schwarzlose

Rausch – J.F. Schwarzlose

German perfumer J.F. Schwarzlose began as a chemist shop in 1856, later becoming a royal purveyor to the court in 1869.
Inspired by a night at Berlin’s famous Club Berghain, Rausch embodies its seductive scene with a spicy blend of cypriol, patchouli, and vanilla bean, a fiery touch of red pepper, and a rich amber and oud base.
Mediterranean Oud - Carthusia

Mediterranean Oud – Carthusia

Situated on the lush island of Capri, Carthusia began in 1948 as the smallest perfume laboratory in the world, developing a unique perfume culture.
The Mediterranean Oud fragrance speaks to the dialogue between East and West through the interaction between the sparkling orange blossom and lavender of the Sorrento coast and the exotic spices and oils of Middle Eastern markets, with the warm oud emerging at its heart.
Aguila de Ambar - Fueguia 1833

Aguila de Ambar – Fueguia 1833

Founded in Buenos Aires by Julian Bedel, Fueguia 1833 is a unique niche perfumery that pays homage to the indigenous communities of South America and the aromatic plants grown on their lands.
The Pure Esencia line is made with an artisanal process without filtration, while the Aguila de Ambar brings together notes of dominant oud enhanced by amber and rose, telling the tale of an eagle soaring over a desert, collecting amber stones for its floral nest.
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